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Surry Old Time Fiddlers Convention: News

2013 winners

2013 Winners

Folk Song

1.- Joe Newberry- Raleigh, NC

2. Jared Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA

3. Corbin Hayslett- Wise, VA

4. Jean Callison- Mouth of Wilson, VA

5. Donna Correll- Elk Creek, VA


  1. Steve Lewis- Todd, NC
  2. Glenn Craver- Winston-Salem, NC
  3. Andy Edmonds- Mount Airy, NC
  4. Emily Long- Jefferson, NC
  5. Jacob Green- Jefferson, NC


  1. Bill Mansfield- Alexandria, VA
  2. Brian Fain- Stuart, VA
  3. Jared Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  4. Josh Bearman- Richmond, VA
  5. Ken Inuoe- Statesville, NC

Twin Fiddle

  1. Kilby Spencer- Crumpler, NC/ Wayne Dye- Cleveland, VA
  2. Richard Bowman- Mount Airy, NC / Joey Neal- Blackstock, SC
  3. Jerry Correll – Elk Creek, VA/ Betty Vornbrock- Hillsville, VA
  4. Desiree Blakley/ Richard Blakley-  Pfafftown, NC


  1. Josh Bearman- Richmond, VA
  2. Joann Redd- Galax, VA
  3. Wayne Dye- Cleveland, VA
  4. Scott Freeman- Woodlawn, VA
  5. Rodney Hodges- Galax, VA


  1. Jacob Bowen- State Road, NC
  2. Chris Testerman- Mount Airy, NC
  3. Erica Godfrey Testerman- Mount Airy, NC
  4. Daniel Greeson- Jamestown, NC
  5. Kilby Spencer- Crumpler, NC


  1. Bill Sluys- Westfield, NC
  2. Steve Bowen- State Road, NC
  3. Barbara Bowman- Mount Airy, NC
  4. Fred Mock-
  5. Tammy Sawyer- Traphill, NC


  1. Mostly Mountain Boys- Winston-Salem, NC
  2. The Buckstankle Boys- Mount Airy, NC
  3. Zephyr Lightning Bolts- State Road, NC
  4. Reed Island Rounders- Hillsville, VA
  5. The Rockcastle Ramblers- Ferrum, VA


  1. Cherie Compton- Ferrum, VA
  2. Marsha Todd- Mount Airy, NC
  3. Susan Ashe- Lowgap, NC
  4. Marty Todd- Mount Airy, NC
  5. Samantha Wilhelmi- Riner, VA


  1. Hopeful Band Aids- West Jefferson, NC
  2. Gravel Road- Floyd, VA
  3. Brandon Shur- Mount Airy, NC

 YOUTH banjo

  1. Willow Dillon- Boone, NC
  2. Liam Purcell- Deep Gap, NC
  3. Nathan Houseman- Wytheville, VA

 YOUTH Fiddle

  1. Mary-Claire Hooper- Elkin, NC
  2. Willow Dillon- Boone, NC
  3. Liam Purcell- Deep Gap, NC

 YOUTH guitar

  1. Nick Weitzenfield- Pilot, VA
  2. Samuel Tsolis- West Jefferson, NC
  3. Jessica Lang- Wake Forest, NC

 Youth Dance

1. Mary Claire Hooper- Elkin, NC

2. Addison Levy- Radford, VA

3. Trevor Riley-  Laurel Springs, NC


Best All Around Performer-

Bill Mansfield-  Alexandria, VA

 Master Artist Award

Johnny Gentry-  Mountain Park, NC

2015 Winners - April 4, 2016




1st           Carl Jones

2nd          Eddie Ogle

3rd           Chris Turner

4th           Todd Hiatt

5th           Rodney Hodges

Folk Song:

1st           Alan Teichman

2nd          Joe Newberry

3rd           Kathleen Burnett

4th           Wayne Seymour

5th           Hannah Smith


1st           Steve Kilby

2nd          Glenn Craver

3rd           Andy Edmonds

4th           Eliot Smith

5th           Danny Casstevens


1st           Ken Inoue

2nd          Joe Newberry

3rd           Marsha Todd

4th           Stanley Widener

5th           Jeremy Marcotti


1st.          Barbara Bowman

2nd          John Gaster

3rd           Tim Eaves

4th           Stacy Boyd

Twin Fiddle:

1st           Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones

2nd          Annisa Burnett & Kathleen Burnett

3rd           Andrew Small & Joe McDuff

4th           Richard Bowman & Marsha Todd

5th           Richard Blakley & Victoria Blakley



1st Crystal Shipley
2nd Andy Edmond
3rd Ivy Sheppard
4th Willow Dillon
5th Erynn Marshall



1st           Slate Mountain Ramblers

2nd          Haywood Billgoats

3rd           Fizzy Mountain String Band

4th           Hard Cider

5th           Buckstankle Boys


1st           Marsha Todd

2nd          Cherie Compton

3rd           Barbara Bowman            

4th           Marty Todd

5th           Nickie Hodges


 Best all around performer~  Carl Jones




1st           Liam Purcell

2nd          Brittany Osbourne

3rd           Madison Shepherd


1st           John Michael Hill

2nd          Jessica Lang

3rd           Felicity Sprague


1st           Liam Purcell

2nd          Anissa Burnette

3rd           Sophia Burnette


1st           Luke Morris

2nd          John Michael Hill

3rd           Addison Levy

Folk Song:

1st           Eliza Meyer

2nd          Addison Levy

3rd           Anneli  Burnett

Youth Dance:

1st           Madison Shepherd

2nd          Liam Purcell

3rd           Macy Henson   


1st           Sweet Bread and Sourdough

2nd          Ashe Jamberry

3rd           Old Man with Bushy Eyebrows and Red Lipstick

DATES FOR 2016 - July 24, 2015

The dates for the 2016 convention will be April 1-2

documentary - February 26, 2015

`Jordan Nance will be showing his film on the history of WPAQ radio station in Mt Airy.  

Bands and workshops leaders - January 26, 2015

The bands for the 2015 dance on Friday March 27th will be the Round Peak Ramblers, the Slate Mountain Ramblers, and the New Ballards Branch Bogtrotters.  The presenters for the free workshops on Saturday, March 28th will be Steve Kilby- guitar,  Debbie Gitlin- fiddle,  Mac Traynham- banjo, and Samantha Wilhelmi -dance.    There will be special showings of Jordan Nance's film  "Broadcast: A man and his dream", the story of Ralph Epperson and WPAQ radio station in Mt. Airy, NC.  

2014 winners - April 1, 2014

2014 Winners

Folk Song

1. Joe Newberry- Raleigh, NC 

2.  Robert Stowe- Stoneville, NC

3. Aaron Ratcliffe- Greensboro, NC

4. Alan Teichman- Jamestown, NC

5.  Jared Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA


  1. Eric Hardin-  West Jefferson, NC
  2. Wayne Dye- Cleveland, VA
  3. Steve Lewis- Todd, NC
  4. Danny Casstevens- Mocksville, Nc
  5. Jacob Greer- West Jefferson, NC


  1. Robbie Anders- Galax, VA
  2. Brett Morris Martin- Elk Creek, VA
  3. Jared Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  4. Marsha Todd- Mt Airy, NC
  5. Amanda Wright- Lenoir, Nc

Twin Fiddle

1. Kilby Spencer/ Jacob Bowen

2. David Blackmon/ Russell McCumber

3. Marsha Todd/ Richard Bowman

4. Debbie Gitlin/ Betty Vornbrock

5. Erica Testerman/ Chris Testerman


  1. Rodney Hodges- Galax, VA
  2. Todd Hiatt- State Road, NC
  3. Wayne Dye- Cleveland, VA
  4. Nick Weitzenfield- Pilot, VA
  5. Helena George- Pinnacle, Nc


  1. Tessa Dillon- St Albany, W VA
  2. Kilby Spencer- Crumpler, NC
  3. Robbie Anders- Galax, VA
  4. Erica Testerman- Lansing, NC
  5. Chris Testerman- Lansing, NC


1. Karen Carr- Galax, VA

2. Nancy Gentry- State Road, NC

3. Barbara Bowman- Mt Airy, NC

4. Tammy Sawyer- Traphill, NC

5. Steve Bowen- State Road, NC


  1. The Slate Mountain Ramblers- Mt Airy, NC
  2. The Mostly Mountain Boys- Winston Salem, NC
  3. Mountain Park Old Time Band - State Road, NC
  4. The Buckstankle Boys- Mt Airy, NC
  5. Zephyr Lightning Bolts- State Road, NC


  1. Cherie Compton- Ferrum, VA
  2. Stacy Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  3. Joy Conn
  4. Vickie Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  5. Ben Harmon- Bassett, VA


  1. The Surry Sawyer-  Deep Gap, NC
  2. Hopeful Bandaids- Lenoir, NC


 YOUTH banjo

  1. Samuel Tsolis- W. Jefferson, NC
  2. Bethany Bare- Jefferson, NC
  3. Travis Watts- Mt Airy, NC

 YOUTH Fiddle

1. Kitty Amaral- Elk Creek, VA

2. Liam Purcell- Deep Gap, NC

3.Noah Prudencio= Galax, VA

 YOUTH guitar

  1. Presley Barker- Traphill, NC
  2. Jessica Lang- Wake Forest, NC
  3. Owen York

 Youth Dance

1. Macy Henson- Asheboro, NC

2. Andrew Sayers- Wytheville, VA

3. Austin Sayers- Wytheville, VA

 Youth Variety

  1. Owen Combs

  2. Breanna Bare- Jefferson, NC

Youth Folk Song

1. Ruth Shumway- Charlotte, NC

  2. Jessica Lang- Wake Forest, NC

  3. Christina Blakely- Pfafftown, NC


Best All Around Performer-

Eric Harden- W. Jefferson, NC

 Master Artist Award

Verlin Clifton-  Mt Airy, NC

directions - March 5, 2014

Directions to Surry Community College, 630 Main St, Dobson, NC  27017

From I-77 North or South, Take Exit 93

Turn right on Zephyr Rd.   When you come to Dobson, Turn right on US 601/ Main St.  SCC will be on the right.  Take the 2nd entrance to the right, park behind the gym or on the street.  Look for the signs.

2012 winners - December 15, 2013

Here are the results of the 2012 Surry Old Time Fiddler's Convention:

Old Time Band: 1st Place - New Pilot Mountaineers ~2nd Place - Chili Tones ~3rd Place - Slate Mountain Ramblers~ 4th Place - Cool Spring Ramblers ~5th Place - The Pilot Mountain Bobcats

Old Time Fiddle: 1st Place - P.Maxwell Ward ~2nd Place - Betty Vornbrock~ 3rd Place - Helen White    ~ 4th Place - Debbie Gitlin ~5th Place - Richard Bowman

Old Time Banjo: 1st Place - Nancy Sluys ~2nd Place - Charlie Pickford~ 3rd Place - Jared Boyd ~4th Place - Marsha Todd ~5th Place - Brett Martin

Twin Fiddle: 1st Place - Jerry Correll & Betty Vornbrock~ 2nd Place - Daniel Greason & Helen White         3rd Place - Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones ~4th Place - Marsha Todd & Richard Bowman ~5th Place - Chris Testerman & Erika Godfrey

Guitar: 1st Place - Stanley Widener~ 2nd Place - Steve Lewis ~3rd Place - Glenn Craver~ 4th Place - Jake Hiatt ~5th Place - Allen Cottrell

Mark Rose Memorial Bass Contest: 1st Place - Fred Mock ~2nd Place - Bill Sluys~ 3rd Place - Tammy Sawyer ~4th Place - Nancy Gentry~ 5th Place - Jerry Lee Martin

Folk Song: 1st Place - Elizabeth LaPrelle ~2nd Place - Donna Correll~ 3rd Place - Steve Lewis ~4th Place - Alan Teichman ~5th Place - Susan Ashe

Variety: 1st Place - Joann Redd ~2nd Place - Robert Steelman~ 3rd Place - Rodney Hodges ~4th Place - Scott Freeman ~5th Place - Johnny Gentry

Flat Foot Dance: 1st Place - Marsha Todd~ 2nd Place - Barbara Bowman~ 3rd Place - Marty Todd~ 4th Place - Colby Luckado ~5th Place - Susan Ashe

The 2012 Master Artist Award Recipient: Mac Snow~~ 2012 Best All Around Performer: Elizabeth LaPrelle

The 2012 Surry Old Time Fiddlers Convention Youth Winners are: Guitar: 1st Place - Nick Weitzenfeld 2nd Place - Joe Bevins 3rd Place - Trevor Riley Banjo: 1st Place - Joe Bevins 2nd Place - Cole Shores 3rd Place - Liam Purcell Fiddle 1st Place - Ruth Shumwars 2nd Place - Sydney Wagoner 3rd Place - Bethany Bare Youth Band: 1st Place - Random Ramblers 2nd Place - Sydney Wagoner Band Youth Dance: 1st Place - Sydney Wagoner 2nd Place - Ruth Shumwars 3rd Place - Macy Henson

Here are the results of the 2011 Surry Old Time Fiddler's Convention:

Old Time Band: 1st Place - Whoopin Hollar Stringband ~2nd Place - Slate Mountain Ramblers~ 3rd Place - Hard Cider~ 4th Place - Lonesome Piners ~5th Place - Reed Island Rounders

Fiddle: 1st Place - Adam Hurt~ 2nd Place - Jason Phillips~ 3rd Place - Erynn Marshall

Banjo: 1st Place - Adam Hurt ~2nd Place - Micah Spence ~3rd Place - Chris Testerman

Guitar: 1st Place - Steve Kilby~ 2nd Place - Allin Cottrell ~3rd Place - Carl Jones

Mark Rose Memorial Bass Contest: 1st Place - Nina Pinto ~2nd Place - Barbara Bowman~ 3rd Place - Donna Correll

Dance: 1st Place - Marsha Todd ~2nd Place - Nina Pinto~ 3rd Place - Susan Ashe

Folksong: 1st Place - Michael Hansen~ 2nd Place - Bailey Cooke ~3rd Place - Leigh Beamer

Twin Fiddle: 1st Place - Carl Jones and Erynn Marshall~ 2nd Place - Betty Vornbrock and Debbie Gitlin     3rd Place - Chris Testerman and Erica Testerman

Variety: 1st Place - Joann Redd ~2nd Place - Eddie Ogle ~3rd Place - Alan Darveaux

2011 Best All Around Performer: Adam Hurt~~~2011 Master Artist Award recipient: Chester McMillian

 Our 2011 Youth Winners: Youth Fiddle 1st - Ruth Shumlay 2nd - Jordan Roten 3rd - Lee Ann Richardson Youth Banjo 1st - Leigh Beamer 2nd - Joe Bevins 3rd - Madison Shepherd Youth Guitar 1st - Nick Weitzenfeld 2nd - Will Whitaker 3rd - Jacob Key West Youth Dance 1st - Madison Shepherd 2nd - Jordan Roten 3rd - Justin Riley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Here are the results of the 2010 Inaugural Surry Old Time Fiddler's Convention:

Old Time Band: 1st Place - Whoopin Hollar Stringband ~2nd Place - Slate Mountain Ramblers   3rd Place - Benton Flippen Band~ 4th Place - Crooked Road Ramblers~ 5th Place - The Ubiquitones

Fiddle: 1st Place - Adam Hurt ~2nd Place - Jake Krack ~3rd Place - Betty VornBrock

Banjo: 1st Place - Marsha Todd~ 2nd Place - Brett Morris ~3rd Place - Kelley Breiding

 Guitar: 1st Place - Steve Kilby~ 2nd Place - Stanley Widener ~3rd Place - Monica Santos

Bass: 1st Place - Karen Carr ~2nd Place - Nancy Gentry~ 3rd Place - Tammy Sawyer

Dance: 1st Place - Julie Shepherd-Powell ~2nd Place - Nina Pinto~ 3rd Place - Marty Todd

Folksong: 1st Place - John Haywood~ 2nd Place - Brett Ratliff ~3rd Place - Sabra Guzman

Twin Fiddle: 1st Place - Adrian Powell and Jake Krack ~2nd Place - Erynn Marshall and Betty VornBrock   3rd Place - Chance McCoy and Anna Gevault

 Variety: 1st Place - Joann Redd~ 2nd Place - Tim Chadwick~ 3rd Place - David Bailey

~2010 Best All Around Performer: Adam Hurt~~~ 2010 Master Artist Award recipient: Benton Flippen~~~

2013 report - March 25, 2013

Thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers, judges, emcees, workshop presenters, The Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce,  the Surry County  and Dobson Tourism Develpment Authority,  all the contestants and especially Surry Community College.  We had a very successful festival thanks to everyone, with about 150 individual competitors and 30 bands, including all youth contestants.  There was a tremendous youth attendance, many of them students in the Junior Appalachian Musicians program.   We hope everyone who attended had a wonderful time and make plans to attend next year.  We welcome your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

dance workshop - February 13, 2013

We are pleased to announce  that Samantha Wilhelmi from Floyd, VA will be our dance workshop leader this year.  She is an excellent flatfoot dancer and clogger who has been teaching children in the Junior Appalachian Musicians program in Sparta, NC, and teaching dancing at the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts in Galax, VA.   Be sure to come to the workshop if you want to get started in flatfoot dance or learn some new steps.

Workshop leaders announced! - January 8, 2013

The free workshop leaders have been decided for this year!  Paul Brown will give the fiddle workshop.  The banjo workshop will be led by Adam Hurt, and the fiddlers convention participants can learn some guitar skills from Beth Hartness. We are excited and grateful to have these excellent musicians as a part of our festival, and hope many of you will benefit from their workshops.   We also have the bands lined up and ready for the biggest dance in Surry Co!!! Take a look at the calendar page for all the details for this year's convention.  We look forward to another year of fun and fellowship and great music!

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